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How Does The Price Model Work?

We organized our global Points of Presence (PoPs) into 4 server groups based on cost. From lowest to highest, the groups are:


$0.057 per GB*


$0.112 per GB*

Premium +

$0.197 per GB*


$0.279 per GB*

*Additional charge of $0.99 per million HTTPS requests.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the server groups to use for your visitors according to country and ISP. This lets you maximize performance and minimize costs.


Assume your main objective is to ensure the performance of your website in China and Korea. In this scenario, you may want to configure the edge hostname to use all four server groups to serve these two countries, while using the “standard” group to serve the rest of the world. The screenshot below shows the completed configuration on the portal.

CDN360 Portal Configuration Example

Consequently, the GSLB algorithm will take all PoPs into consideration to serve the two countries while only considering the “standard” PoPs for the rest of the world. At the end of the billing cycle, the invoice simply shows the amount of traffic served by each server group and the total number of HTTPS requests, with the associated charges.

Price Calculator

To estimate your cost savings using CDN Pro, enter your expected traffic amount (in GB) and number of HTTPS requests (in Millions) in the calculator.  See how much CDN Pro can save you.

Server Group Cost Traffic Estimated Cost
Premium Plus
HTTPS Requests

Global Coverage

CDN Pro is dedicated to providing customers with the finest self-service experience, including the capability of balancing cost with performance. CDNetworks’ global points of presence (PoPs) are organized into four “server groups” based on cost.

We define different prices for traffic served from the four groups. Customers are empowered to self-configure the “server groups” for each country and ISP. In this way, they can fully customize performance and cost for different regions in the world. CDN Pro covers the most significant areas on the planet, and continues to expand its global network reach at a rapid pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe our model provides customers with more choices and better control over cost and performance. In the example above, the user may find that the performance offered by “premium+” and lower priced groups already meets their requirements in China, so they can remove the “ultra” group for the China region to avoid any charge at the highest unit price. By comparison, a conventional price model commits users to a locked-in “China” price with fixed performance.

For consistency, server hardware is largely the same across server groups. The main difference between different server groups is the bandwidth cost charged by our vendors (ISPs). A PoP in the “ultra” group is more expensive than one in the “standard” group, but does not necessarily deliver better performance than a “standard” PoP. Performance experienced by each end user is determined by the connectivity between the user and the PoP. Adding the “ultra” group to serve a region just provides our GSLB algorithm more PoPs to choose from, such that the end users in that region are more likely to get a PoP with better connectivity.

No. The CDN Pro GSLB assigns PoPs primarily based on performance. Adding “ultra” to serve a region enables the GSLB to choose from a larger pool of PoPs for that region. If the algorithm determines that a request will be better served by a “standard” PoP, the traffic is still served from that PoP and incurs a “standard” charge.

In general, the “standard” group delivers excellent coverage for North America , Europe, and some regions in Asia. Adding the “premium” group can enhance the performance in those areas as well as the Middle East. Adding “premium+” delivers good performance in Mainland China and other Asian countries. Adding “Ultra” gives you our best possible performance in all areas. We invite you to try different configurations to determine the right balance between performance and cost.

In the meantime, we are rapidly adding more PoPs globally including South America, Oceania and Africa to expand our coverage.

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