Object Storage

Store and retrieve data safely and efficiently.

Object Storage is a reliable, high-performance, always-on data repository that empowers you to store unstructured data of any size and format, and then access it seamlessly from any location using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

With high throughput and low latency, you can store, manage, and share massive amounts of data efficiently using our web portal, RESTful API, and SDKs. Whether you are looking to back up and restore data, archive information, distribute content, host static websites, or deliver media assets, Object Storage overcomes the inherent limitations of file systems to address today’s massive data challenges. Object Storage can be used alone or with other CDNetworks services to provide unprecedented levels of integration with our global content delivery network (CDN).



Dynamic Scalability and Growth

Stores all types of files without being constrained by low disk space. Start with just a few GB and scale as needed without having to partition your data.

Media Processing

Provides rich media functions including transmuxing, transcoding, and screenshot to meet your video-processing requirements.

Security and Protection

Keeps data safe and secure at rest and in transit using authentication and permission controls.

Cross-Region Replication

Supports file transfers between buckets in different regions. You can set your own synchronization policies for historical files, incremental files, and files with specific prefixes.

Data Migration

Provides tools, API, and Mirroring Storage to achieve seamless data migration from third-party storage to Object Storage.

Amazon S3 API

Supports strong Amazon S3 compatibility to access data easily from any application, gateway, or third-party solution, eliminating the need to refactor applications that use Amazon S3.

High Durability and Availability

CDNetworks boasts 99.999999999% data durability. For any object stored at any point of time, Object Storage stores multiple copies natively to ensure high availability. Our high-availability Service Level Agreement is your guarantee that your data is always secure, and always available.

User able to search files.

High Performance

Object Storage service handles peak traffic periods and large numbers of requests with ease, guaranteeing continuity of service without congestion, latency, slow load times, or incomplete transmissions.

Low Cost

Competitive and flexible pricing based on the amount of space used and the amount of outgoing traffic. Start your data storage without any hardware and operational costs, and then pay only for what you use.

Reduce Live Streaming Cost
Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Our web-based portal makes it easy to view critical indicators and manage data. Our RESTful API integrates with the application layer to effectively manage your data by automating Object Storage tasks.

Use Cases