Cloud Security

Multi-layered security technology backed by 24/7 support keeps your business safe from known malware and defends against unknown cybersecurity attacks.
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Protect your websites, cloud infrastructure, and organization

CDNetworks’ Cloud Security solution combines the robust performance of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with enhanced security to deliver website content quickly and securely. Our cloud security solutions protect businesses from a range of cyber-attacks, including, but not limited to, DDoS, automated bot attacks, ransomware, SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), API Abuse, and other OWASP top 10 attacks. The scale and size of our security platform makes it extremely effective for handling enormous volumes of malicious traffic associated with DDoS, botnet, API abuse and other attacks.

With multi-layered security technologies for websites, applications, and APIs, CDNetworks’ Cloud Security solutions provide the scale, scope, and consistency that allow organizations of all sizes and budgets to secure their business operations in a flexible and economical way. Organizations can choose to simply enhance their security posture using the CDNetworks’ Cloud Security products of choice or carry out a combined defense strategy to gain the capabilities of Web Application and API Protection (WAAP).


Web Application and API Protection (WAAP)

The core features of CDNetworks WAAP Capabilities center around bot mitigation, WAF, API protection, and protection from DDoS attacks. These cloud WAAP services consist of security modules from the CDNetworks Cloud Security Solution that empower organizations to deploy cloud infrastructures across a disparate digital infrastructure. With a lot of additional service components, CDNetworks cloud security solution offers a full range of features to provide a comprehensive, one-stop experience that helps businesses manage security, enhance their CDN, and gain the confidence to remediate threats faster across today’s extended digital footprint.



Comprehensive Web Application and API Protection
Machine Learning

Advanced Technologies & AI Machine Learning

The CDNetworks security platform carries enormous amounts of Internet traffic and processes log data at TB scale on a daily basis to distill valid traffic from suspicious activity and identify threats that matter before they matter. The CDNetworks security platform works with AI machine learning along with an assortment of other technologies, such as Intelligent WAF Rule Hosting, WAF Rule Engine, Human Behavior Detection, Fingerprint Challenge and API Discovery to constantly update defense rules and protect organizations against the prolific growth of advanced cybersecurity threats. The platform’s big data and machine learning capabilities help detect network attacks in real-time and automatically activate defenses in advance before a breach can occur.

24/7 Professional Security Services

The CDNetworks Security team has over 100 dedicated security experts ready to research, monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cyberthreats. Our team is available 24/7 to provide rich context surrounding cyber-traffic, enabling organizations to make smart decisions to protect their infrastructure and data from Web Application, L3/4 and L7 DDoS, bot, and API attacks. CDNetworks also provides multiple professional services, such as Vulnerability Scanning Service and Professional Reporting Service, to keep company infrastructures running and critical assets secure.

Visual Console
Abundant PoPs & Resources

Worldwide Network Resources & Global Mitigation Capabilities

With over 2,800 Points of Presence located around the world along with ample amounts of bandwidth resources, CDNetworks serves thousands of global customers spanning a myriad of industries. The CDNetworks Security Platform protects customer data assets, including over 200,000 servers worldwide, by mitigating an average of over 3.3 billion cyberattacks daily.

With over 12 global DDoS scrubbing centers and 15Tbps of total capacity, CDNetworks supercharges mitigation capabilities to protect websites and network infrastructures against even the most sophisticated and large-scale volumetric attacks.


High Visibility Console Portal & Real-time Insights

The CDNetworks Security Platform provides real-time insights into your organization’s security posture through our integrated console portal. In situations where seconds matter, our portal allows you to spot attacks in real-time and respond instantly to halt attackers in their tracks. Combining a visual dashboard with incident investigation tools, real-time email alerts after self-service configuration, and highly granular customized security policies, our portal provides deep, real-time insights into all your metrics continuously. In this way, organizations with varying requirements have a full range of control over their sites and apps via our data center.

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