Improve the performance and security of e-commerce sites

The convenience of online shopping has spurred its popularity worldwide, yet consumers are increasingly leery about the ability of e-commerce websites to safeguard their personal information and transaction details. At the same time, online consumers have become less tolerant with poor online buying experiences. The speed at which web content is presented to online shoppers has a direct effect on whether customer visits convert to online purchases.

CDNetworks accelerates e-commerce sites to help businesses drive revenue and increase profitability. We are experts in providing effective techniques for improving website performance and user engagement by accelerating static content (images and videos) and dynamic content (shopping carts, prices, and stocks) while reducing latency. Additionally, our cloud security solutions ensure that e-commerce sites are well-defended in order to safeguard their business and customer data against cyberthreats.

Increase E-commerce Site Speed

Use CDNetworks’ CDN techniques and global PoPs resources to make your e-commerce site load faster and perform smoothly, improving customer's experience.

Secure Your E-commerce Site

Protect your site, your customers, and their data from the most common web application security threats, such as XSS, SQL, DDoS and brute force attacks.

Deliver HD Viewing Experience

Provide livestreaming e-commerce solution to allow you to display product details clearly and chat with potential customers during livestreaming.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Save costs and time significantly from infrastructure building by leveraging CDNetworks e-commerce solution.

Enhance Global Shopping

Provide enhanced experience in global online shopping

Website performance is a crucial factor for any e-commerce website. CDNetworks CDN boosts the performance of all e-commerce websites, regardless of the market being addressed. CDNetworks CDN excels when it comes to delivering content to locations with poor connectivity. As online customer experiences become key factors for optimizing searches that drive customers to your website, improving page load times while reducing bounce rates and latency have never been more vital to the success of online businesses.

Reach e-shoppers in mainland China with our CDN services

CDNetworks is the world-class global content delivery network with a proven infrastructure of global data centers, Points of Presence, and staff located in mainland China – the world’s largest and fastest-growing market for online consumers. CDNetworks offers scalability, reliability, and high performance for both content and applications, guaranteeing lightning-fast page load times and real-time availability. Learn more

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Video Shopping Influencers

End-to-end livestream solution to take your business to the next level

Over the last two decades, there has been a shift toward online shopping. COVID-19 has made online shopping the new norm. Most analysts agree that the sector will continue to grow. CDNetworks Media Acceleration – Live Broadcast allows you to provide the best customer experience while making the most money possible from each customer .

Cloud security for your E-commerce site

E-commerce security threats – such as DDoS, Botnet attacks, brute force attack, SQL injection, and phishing – put your customers and business reputation at risk. However, you can’t block every channel that attackers might use without sealing off your business from the outside world. CDNetworks offers effective multi-layered security solutions to ensure your e-commerce site is protected against cyberattacks to keep your site and web applications online. Learn more.

Cloak Origin IP Address
CDNetworks is PCI certify to handle any type of transaction

PCI compliance for online payments

The damage that a brand can suffer from even the suspicion of compromised data can be irreparable. Such concerns make compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) a must for any online store. CDNetworks has obtained PCI DSS accreditation. This compliance confirms that CDNetworks meets the rigorous integrity and security requirements needed to safeguard against fraud and data theft. Online shoppers will feel confident, knowing that their data is safe. And retailers will benefit from compliance monitoring and reporting for security and audit purposes.

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Content Acceleration

Notably speed up static content: lightning-fast page loading is no longer a novelty

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Dynamic Content Acceleration

Maximize interaction experience with our web accelerator: real-time feedback is a no-brainer

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Media Acceleration Live Broadcast

Deliver broadcast-quality live streams with ultra-low latency, high reliability and scalability

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Cloud Security

Keep your business safe from both known malware and unknown cybersecurity attacks

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