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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed online education and distance learning forever. With over 1.2 billion students learning outside the classroom, face-to-face education has changed dramatically, giving rise to e-learning, where teaching is conducted remotely on digital platforms.

Online teaching encompasses a variety of content, such as videos, Video on Demand (VOD), live-streaming virtual classes and laboratories, and digital whiteboards. For students and teachers to educate and collaborate, online teaching places high demands on content delivery speed, website security, data transmission quality, and real-time interactive experiences. As teachers and students shift from onsite to offsite learning, technical issues such as slow loading speeds, poor network connectivity, lack of interaction during the class, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks can disrupt the distance-learning environment and distract from the learning experience. CDNetworks provides a comprehensive solution that resolves these issues, and enables teachers and students alike to enjoy smooth, individualized, and high-quality online classes.

Minimize Video Delivery Latency

CDNetworks minimizes lag time and delivers a live learning stream to teachers and students all over the world without delay.

Secure Your Educational Website

Equipped with 15+Tbps protection capacity, CDNetworks Cloud Security can detect and mitigate massive malicious attacks effectively.

Worldwide Abundant PoPs Resources

With 2800+ PoPs distributed around the globe, CDNeworks optimizes the education website performance and improves the online class quality.

Provide Value-added Services

Value-added services like live recording & screenshot, live transcoding, and watermarking are provided to improve the online education effects.

E-Learning Education

Having smooth online class with ultra-low latency streaming

Teaching and learning are hard enough without adding connectivity issues to the workload. Connectivity has become critical for teachers to gain visibility into what is happening in their virtual classrooms. Connectivity has also been a vital tool for allowing students to collaborate with each other and provide feedback to assess teachers in real-time, so that educators can improve their lessons based on comments from students, With WebRTC ultra-low latency technology, CDNetworks’ online education solution delivers online education content effortlessly without delay, keeping students engaged in new ways while simplifying your IT.

Secure your educational website against cyber-attacks

Teachers and students aren’t the only ones moving to distance learning. Cybercriminals are as well, as they use DDoS, SQL injection, vulnerability intrusion, and other attack methods to exploit vulnerable students and staff. To take charge of your digital education, and to make online teaching and learning worry-free, CDNetworks Cloud Security provides the highest levels of protection and reliability to secure the online education experience and safeguard student transcripts, grades, and records.


Secure E-Learning
Abundant PoPs & Resources

Accelerate online education content delivery

With Points of Presence resources deployed worldwide and advanced technologies like smart routing and load balancing, CDNetworks always delivers online education content from the edge using optimal paths. This effectively offloads workloads from origin severs, accelerates data exchanges, and supports lightning-fast loading of web pages to deliver a superior virtual educational experience.

Powerful video processing

Quality of experience is critical when it comes to providing effective, efficient communications in today’s uncertain times. CDNetworks’ global distributed media centers, Media Acceleration Live Broadcast and Media Acceleration-VoD, provide powerful media-processing capabilities that include multi-bitrate transcoding to provide e-learning experiences that are accessible for nearly any device and bandwidth capacity. Features such as video editing and real-time screenshots allow you to capture and record content any time. Moreover, CDNetworks can effectively secure online educational content using anti-hotlinking and watermarking capabilities. In these ways, Media Acceleration Live Broadcast and Media Acceleration-VoD, address the growing demand for content delivery and the continuous growth of the e-learning industry.

Real-time Dynamic Interaction

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