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SaaS and cloud services optimization for distributed users

Enterprises in IT industry usually have multiple branches, some enterprises for example, even have branches for R&D, O&M and marketing enterprises usually implement 3rd part SaaS application like Office 365, Skype for business, Salesforce for work collaboration between employees.

IT service providers always integrate important data to cloud and data center to achieve data synchronization and avoid unexpected disaster, thus fast and secure route to cloud becomes necessity nowadays.

Besides smooth collaborative working environment, content acceleration is also essential for enterprises in IT field. Standard internet protocols were not designed with delivering applications in mind. Acceleration is vital for a good user experience. CDNetworks’ content delivery network has been designed to accelerate all forms of content, including live broadcasting and application delivery. Don’t let long loading time and vulnerable data transmission obstruct your high-valued business. Huge success is based on milliseconds access and secure data protection, all are well provided by CDNetworks.

It has become a trend for SaaS companies to have specific requirements for their CDN and control the performance in real time. Thus CDN with self-service capabilities and powerful API for seamless integration is a key strength.

Fill up the fuel tank for your 3rd party SaaS application

CDNetworks provides professional SaaS acceleration for your daily 3rd party working apps, both suitable for centralized office and distributed access scenarios, combined with dedicated line back stone and grand CDN platform, working with protocol optimization, route optimization and fault failover, enables end users collaborate in extreme low latency and stable interaction experience to improve working efficiency from the root cause.

Cloud security for web applications

Protect your applications from data theft, DNS hijacking, DDoS or other cyber-attacks. Sensitive business data needs to be protected if customers are to trust Cloud-based applications and ensure and data security for your customers’ data. Learn more

Reduce load times for your key services

Ensure shorter loading times for your key services and offload traffic.

Fastest route to mainstream cloud platform

Integration to cloud is a trending for IT field to keep least O&M and avoid potential disaster. Cloud platform is essential, route to cloud platform is more essential to synchronize data in real time. CDNetworks provide SD-WAN services to mainstream cloud platform, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Wangsu Cloud etc., moreover, simple management system enables O&M with one click to deploy global configuration without need for complicated knowledge in network.


Provide fast, flexible and cost-saving dedicated line services for enterprises

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