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Internet services increasingly play significant parts in manufacturing industry.

Such as online video conference between workers in industries and experts in headquarter promotes productivity and efficiency, business systems are integrated to cloud platform while vital data is kept in local storage of headquarter. For manufacturing industry, sales staffs and technical staffs are frequently on business trip, in order to present products to potential customer or update daily opportunities, they need to access to business system remotely by PC or mobile phones, different network environment in different places bring them lots of trouble to keep updated.

On the other hand, official website is a significant window to present products to potential customer. Although a slow-performing website will not only damage reputation directly, but prevent potential customers to better understand your products and get in touch deeply. Businesses from all industries and sectors experience cyber-attacks on an almost daily basis, so while the manufacturing industry may seem like it is not the traditional target for attacks, you can be hit like anyone else.

CDNetworks provides a series of services to better guarantee your key business on official website and inner business in network environment to keep you closer to successful target.

Faster access to online business system in cloud and local data storage in head quarter

Slow access to online business system blocks normal business operations and slow access to data storage in headquarter blocks data retrieving and updating in daily work. CDNetworks provides SD-WAN services to mainstream cloud platform, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Wangsu Cloud etc., also provides SD-WAN services to connection between branches and headquarter. Moreover, CDNetworks provides reliable software client for employees in business trip and compatible with both PC and mobile phones, mainstream system such as Windows, Linux, Android and iOS are all supportable. From now on, slow access to above platform is not trouble any more.

High performance for manufacturing websites and order portals

A high performing website is key to maintain your reputation and keep your customers happy. CDNetworks’ global CDN eliminates latencies and improves the speed of your website and customer portals.

SaaS application acceleration for video conference

As video conference based on SaaS application such as Zoom, Skype for business, Microsoft Teams etc., is mainstream communication method. Freeze pictures and not continuous voices block daily conference. CDNetworks’ Access Acceleration  accelerates SaaS applications and significantly removes above issues by completed dedicated line backbone and over 3500+ global CDN platform.

Cloud security for your web presence

CDNetworks ensures safe and fast access to your customer portals. Furthermore, we protect both your and your customers’ data by applying and supporting leading security methods and standards.


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