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CDNetworks’ Media Delivery ensures the optimum viewing experience for your audience, regardless of whether you deliver live streaming or video on demand. Our robust content management system, industry-leading content distribution networks, and unparalleled media-processing technologies give you the power to create, process, deliver, and manage your media content without requiring extra costs. CDNetworks empowers you to deliver your video content from anywhere to any device while ensuring low latency, high stability, and security to accelerate your growing video streaming business.


Stable and Fast Streaming

With a globally distributed video delivery network and over 20 years of media delivery experience, CDNetworks ensures high availability with state-of-the-art features. Global deployment of the following resources ensures your end users are well served:

  • Over 200,000 servers
  • Over 2,800 CDN Points of Presence (PoPs)
  • Over 400 edge-computing PoPs worldwide
  • Over 100 overseas ISP partners
  • Storage capacities of 1000 PB
Cloud VoD Stable Smooth Playback

Enhanced Content Protection

Content is king. CDNetworks protects your video content by encrypting the content, securing the distribution process, and controlling viewing access:

  • Features include watermarking, HLS common encryption, and DRM to help manage and protect your digital rights.
  • HTTPS, anti-hotlinking, and anti-hijacking safeguard the delivery of your content.
  • IP whitelists/blacklists and Geo-restrictions make it easy to control viewing access.

Easy Content Management

Easily manage and convert your videos and streams to suit a variety of scenarios and reach the widest audience possible:

  • Support multiple codecs and protocols to reduce the size of your content for delivery to a wide online audience.
  • Provide a rich set of transcoding features to convert your videos and streams to any bitrate, any resolution, and any format.
  • Easily manage your assets and enjoy a pay-as-you go Object Storage
Cloud VoD Content Management
Reduce Live Streaming Cost

Reduced Costs

CDNetworks can grow your media business quickly and cost-effectively by empowering you to generate professional-grade streams without requiring technical knowledge or incurring upfront costs:

  • Use features such as Low Bandwidth High Definition and Traffic Management to reduce bandwidth consumption while ensuring smooth playback.
  • Get real-time insights into your stream quality, viewer distributions, and usage through our intuitive console portal.
  • Enjoy stable and fast video streaming based on CDNetworks’ cloud-based architecture, without concern for costs associated with building, operating, and maintaining complex hardware and video-processing infrastructures.

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