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Enhance customer experiences while securing personal data and transactions

Travel and hospitality companies have been forced to rethink how to conduct business, especially when facing the global COVID-19 pandemic. Both industries have seen impressive growth in online business. As a result, companies have had to adapt quickly to the evolving needs of online customers, who demand deeper insights when browsing for their next travel destination and booking their reservations. Customers want this information fast and have little patience for slow-performing websites. They also expect their personal data to remain private and secure given the rise of virulent cyberattacks.

Whether your company is an airline, hotel, bed and breakfast, cruise line, automobile rental, or travel portal, CDNetworks’ cloud-based travel and hospitality solution accelerates dynamic applications, offering guaranteed fast content delivery to consumers around the world while protecting customer data from cyberthreats such as ticket fraud, seat scalping, phishing, and credential abuse. Our solution ensures that your customers stay engaged, remain loyal, and book more frequently with you by enhancing the customer experience and improving operational efficiencies.

Deliver High-Quality Content

Accelerate high-quality images and videos anywhere or on any devices based on CDNetworks’ rich PoP resources globally.

Secure Customer Data And Transactions

With DDoS, WAF, bot protection, you can protect customers from potential threats such as ticket fraud, seat scalping, phishing, credential abuse.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Cloud-based infrastructures and local PoPs worldwide slash your capital expenditures and management costs while deliver attractive returns on investment (ROIs).

Enhance Customer Experiences

Deliver fast and seamless online booking experiences across devices to enhance customer experiences.

Abundant PoPs & Resources

Great Web Performance Globally

CDNetworks ensures that consumers enjoy immersive browsing and booking experiences. Our global CDN presence means that your content can reach 99% of the world in milliseconds.

Acceleration Of Booking Systems

Online booking systems allow customers to book reservation at a lower cost and with greater convenience than by phone. CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration speeds up online reservation systems and payment transactions to ensure fast load times and secure booking and payments.

High-quality Travel Video Delivery On The Tourism Website

Online travel photos and videos are popular types of content shared on travel sites to attract customers and generate leads. CDNetworks’ Media Delivery delivers continuous, high-quality online videos securely while ensuring excellent viewing experiences to your consumers across all devices.

Cloud Security For Your Tourism Website Or Travel Portal

CDNetworks Flood Shield provides support and protection from unexpected DDoS attacks that attempt to take down your entire site or applications. Leveraging CDNetworks Application Shield and Bot Shield also protects your site and apps against attempts to steal your customers’ credit-card information or other personal data. You’ll rest easy knowing that your site and apps are protected against account hijacking as well as automated traffic (A.K.A “bots”) designed to copy your inventory, access your pricing, and guess your customer passwords.

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Travel China

Reach China’s Outbound Tourists Online

More and more travel companies want to attract Chinese tourists, but are held back by web-performance issues. CDNetworks is one of the only CDN providers with the expertise and experience to deliver your content to hard-to-reach locations in Mainland China. Learn More

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Media Acceleration VoD

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