Boosting Dynamic Performance with CDN Pro‘s Origin Fast Route

Boosting Dynamic Performance with CDN Pro‘s Origin Fast Route - CDNetworks


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With the increasing popularity of online gaming, video streaming, real-time IoT applications, and online shopping, today’s Content Delivery Networks (CDN) face growing demand for dynamic Content Delivery solutions. Dynamic content includes continuously changing data as part of customized web services. It usually is generated for each request and changes for each visitor.

Examples of dynamic content include:
● Real-time stock prices and sports game scores
● Search results based on keywords entered by the visitor
● API calls that have many query parameters

Suppose you have an origin server in a central data center or in the cloud. The performance of accessing dynamic content may be poor if the visitor is far away or is unable to establish a good connection to the data center. Frequently, the solution is to use a CDN to accelerate the delivery of the content.

Since every instance of dynamic content must be requested from the origin server, transporting data for most CDNs needs to go through public networks, unless a private network is used. Typically, the public network imposes issues on the delivery, such as poor connections, hops, data transfer bandwidth limitations, and uncontrolled traffic routes. All of these issues are common challenges for CDN vendors when delivering dynamic content.

CDNetworks’ CDN Pro is an edge cloud platform that secures, accelerates, and scales network traffic. The platform, by design, supports dynamic content delivery. To enhance dynamic delivery performance, CDN Pro implements the Origin Fast Route feature based on CDNetworks’ proprietary technologies for High-speed Data Transmission (HDT) to optimize the dynamic content delivery, providing superior performance and availability when connecting to your origin.

HDT Technologies empowers CDN Pro Origin Fast Route

Smart Routing TCP Optimization of HDT technologies-CDNetworks

CDN Pro’s Origin Fast Route solution uses CDNetworks’ proprietary HDT technologies to deliver dynamic content. HDT solves public network congestion, high packet drop rate, and long connection latencies. HDT optimizes transport layer TCP and UDP protocols by using multi-path transfer and packet replication for high bandwidth data transmission, implementing intelligent routing schemes, and improving connection access to achieve faster data transmission and high availability.

CDN Pro Origin Fast Route uses HDT PoP resources to establish an HDT “tunnel” at the transport layer for high-speed data transfers. It continuously checks network conditions and applies fast access and intelligent route techniques to adjust the HDT tunnel dynamically in order to optimize data transfers.

In this way, HDT enables CDN Pro to increase content availability, reduce real-time latencies, prevent packet loss, and optimize dynamic content delivery over public networks.

Set Up Origin Fast Route on CDN Pro for Dynamic Content

CDN Pro uses the CDN Pro Edge Logic directive origin_fast_route to enable “Fast Route” to access the origin. Because the directive is an advanced feature, contact the CDNetworks support team to enable the feature before configuration.

To get started, make sure you have a CDN Pro portal account and know how to configure a property on the portal. For more information, click here. For this example, we assume you have a CDN Pro account and know how to set up a property.

Step 1
Log in to your CDN Pro portal account:

Step 2
Create a property:

  • On the CDN Pro portal landing page, click Edge Configurations” => “Properties to open the Property page.
  • Click the Create Property button at the top right to open the Create a Property page.

CDN Pro portal Edge Configurations - CDNetworks

  • Enter a property name and hostname for your dynamic content acceleration.

Configure Origin policies to prepare for the Origin Fast Route setup:

Under Origins, click Add New to open the Origin Detail” window.

  • Enter an origin name and origin server.
  • Set Direct Connection to No Direct to configure parent CDN edge nodes for HDT tunnels.
  • Click Save to return the Create a Property page.

Origin Fast Route setup - CDNetworks

Step 4
Enable Origin Fast Route in the CDN Pro Edge Logic code:

  • In the Edge Logic Window, create edge logic rules for your property and add the following code to enable Origin Fast Route: origin_fast_route on;

Enable Origin Fast Route - CDNetworks

Step 5
Complete the rest of the property configuration, such as TLS settings, and then save and deploy to a staging or production environment. Lastly, test and launch your traffic.

Getting Started

CDN Pro uses the Origin Fast Route to accelerate dynamic traffic and ensures it uses the best possible channel to reach the origin with optimal performance.Contact the CDNetworks Sales Team to start using CDN Pro Origin Fast Route for your dynamic traffic delivery.


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