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Maximize interaction experience with our web accelerator: real-time feedback is a no-brainer

Efficiently and securely deliver dynamic and personalized content to users across the globe.

With the explosion of social media,  eCommerce, and hyper-personalized websites, more and more content delivered is generated in real-time. CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration speeds up the delivery of those dynamic contents, which cannot be cached closer to end-users.

Content Acceleration Diagram

What Is Web Acceleration?

Web acceleration relates to the transfer of content between origin web servers and client browsers.
The image above is a generic diagram showing how a content delivery network works. The image shows how a CDN is able to fulfil the content from the customer’s ‘Origin server’ with globally distributed edge servers serving the content with web application layer optimization technology to the end-users with highly available and better performance.

Dynamic web acceleration is able to improve website performance through the caching and compression of static content as well as other techniques that can offload web servers, allowing them to handle more client requests and reducing bandwidth in the process.

How Can Web Acceleration Improve User Experience?

With the amount of time people are now spending online continuing to increase, user experience whilst browsing, shopping and streaming online is of paramount importance.

CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration solution can help to meet these high expectations, find out how below:

Product Highlights

Product Features

Transmission Optimization

Smart Routing

Empower your website to cater for users with the fastest and most reliable service, improving page load times and overall site performance.

Smart Scheduling and Load Balancing

Schedule the user requests to the proximate PoPs smartly, and ensure an always available and optimal service of the accessed PoP by load balancing.

Transmission Protocol Optimization

Transfer data at a rate up to 30%-130% faster than standard TCP.

Real-time Dynamic Interaction


The computer communication protocol WebSocket is supported to provide full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection

Regional Content Adaptation

Show differentiated content for users by intelligently identifying their identities

Fast and Easy Implementation of New Protocols


Leverage HTTP/2 capabilities easily with our platform


Ensure the fast and reliable transmission of encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) content


Offer an adaptive solution to support both IPv4 and IPv6, and accelerate your websites via both protocols.

Secure Your Business


Support multiple hotlinking prevention methods, such as UA, Cookies, time stamp and back-to-origin strategies to safeguard customers data

Anti-hijacking & Anti-tampering

Offer a security suite for anti-hijacking & anti-tampering, creating a comprehensive security environment for customers

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